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Hey guys, I am thinking to do some micro jigging with jigs around 7g, doesnt anyone have any recommendations, will be looking to get 7g, 10g and maybe a 15g but can anyone tell me which ones to get lol. Will be chased trev and might try for some bream on them as well, but mainly small pelagic so trev gt etc. 

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I used to do that for redfin in the lake, I actually found soft plastics best in that situation.

But I also used small ice jigs and small micro vibes. I also have some small micro jigs from a local tackle shop not sure of the brand, but us locals use them for trout in the current, not for jigging.

I have jigged with them for the reddies, but didn't find them as good as the plastics, the soft plastics are the king at light lure fishing definitely worth giving a go.

Not sure how much help that was, but in my situation the ice jigs outperformed the micro jigs.

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