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It's official, my season is over.


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Looks like my season has come to an end, and there's some worrying developments about its future.

Once the trout move off to spawn it takes a couple of months for them to move back, then the Cod qo quite followed by the yellow belly as they stop actively feeding in the cold months.

Traditionally I would then focus on the redfin with the ultra light gear, but due to an epidemic of red spot they have been all but wiped out this summer, and that's a huge worry.

Redfin are the main food source for the other species and without that previously inexhaustible supply, the other species won't be feeding up as well, worse yet there are reports of red spit being found on the yellow belly in the lake, if it kills them off then with both Main predators of young carp, their population will explode.

If that does happen, then it's bound to spread the entire length of the murry.

But anyway I look at it, when the seasons change and the fish come back on there could be a major hit to my season, even this year my average yellow belly went from around 8lb down to around 3-4lb. So it is possible it's already being felt.

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Sounds a bit tragic !

Our local freshwater scene slowed considerably after a heap of unrelenting rain .It just showed signs of getting going again  and now  the rains back  . Probably not that good for our stocked dams as the mature fish will be going over the spill ways for the winter sporn. On the bright side ,the creeks and rivers will get a bit of a re stock! 


Even though the fish are sulking Bob ,they still got to eat , go out and get into them 



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I got rid of my boats, I'm trimming things down, buying a new vehicle and don't want to tow with it.

So I'm stuck to kayak distances and you really need to work the river, especially with something like live scope to get a bite this time of the year.

Normally during winter the carp come up to the shallows on Sunny days and I get my fix with a little force feeding of  them (bow fishing)

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