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What jigs weights?

Zim man

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Hi All

i am looking at bringing in a whole lot of Damiki bay jigs. I already have the 60, 80 and 100 gram ones and am now looking at the smaller sizes.

here is a pic of the stuff and colours available.

[img size=550]http://www.searingtackle.com.au/AFO/maursin jig.jpg

[img size=550]http://www.searingtackle.com.au/AFO/mausrin-colours.jpg

There are 6 sizes available and i only want to do 3 sizes for the time being. does anyone have any preferences for the smallest ones and also what colours would you def prefer.

i was thinking of the 5gram, 10 gram and 21 gram models. and i would do probably four colours to start with as well. my preferences being 01, 03 , 05 and 08

they should retail around the $10 to $12 range depending what the currency markets are like.:S

Alluta Continua


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