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pfleuger Trion spinning rod


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Hey rexy,

I picked one up for around that price at BCF also. I'm sure it's pretty much the standard rate they go for unless as someone mentioned above you can pick them up on sale from time to time.

I've used mine a handful of times and find it to be a lot of fun when fishing lightly weighted bait or plastics.

The rod has a lot of flex through it particularly toward the tip and as mentioned above does hold some power toward the butt. I have not had much experience fishing HBs but from what i've read it is better to have a stiffer rod for working them, so id steer clear of this if your thinking of using it with HBs due to its quite flexi nature.

As also mentioned above the rod is really quite light as is a pleasure to use for extended periods particularly if your using a little reel under 2000 range. I'm currently using a little 25 pfleuger president reel with it and find it epic entertainment hooking up to almost anything.

Other than that i don't know what to say... it's a good looking rod, i've had heaps of fun with it. I find it well worth the relatively cheap price tag. Give it a go and let us know how you find it.

Have a look a a thread of mine when i was looking for a light spin setup myself...

Advice: Light rod & reel? 1-3kg/1500-2000

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