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Motackle order


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I ordered a few bits from motackle and when the packages arrived, the rod and line was missing because they werent in stock. I thought to myself ok just phone them up and sort another rod and line out expecting to be dissapointed.

The man who i was talking to said he could give me another rod for the same price as the original because they havent phoned my house or something?? Anyway, at first i had ordered a strudwick sickstik for just $70. I then was recommended to get a pflueger trion rod (to go with diawa cy) but it is worth $120 or $130. I just recieved the rod today and it is a very nice rod, looks alot better than the strudwick. Very happy how things tuned out.

I was just writing to say how good and stress- free motackle are and that i highly recomend them!


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