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Hi Guys

Well i finally got myself a sounder last week (humminbird 383c) and it has GPS in it.

I was wondering if anyone had any "public" co-ordinates that they were happy to give for the Northside of Brisbane. E.g. Bris River to Bribie Island.

I was chasing some spots to produce squire/snapper if possible.

I am in a 4.2m tinny so cant go out as far as moreton, so was looking for places jsut off redcliffe etc

any help would be much appreciated.

P.S. Im not afte people's secret spots, just spots that might be public knowledge or spots people are happy for others to know about


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Hey Chonna,

If you want to try some close in structure, get on google earth and check out the Redcliffe peninsula. At the tip of Scarborough you can clearly see scarborough reef.

From there to the Redcliffe jetty is littered with smaller reefs that hold squire. There are a lot of pickers though and pre dawn is best. It's a popular spot with the yakkers.

The boat ramp on Queens beach can be a bugger to load on when there is a south easter but the Scarborough boat harbour is excellent.

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