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My First Bass


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Hi all,

The days fishing events started off pretty early having to get up at 4.45am for the 2 hour drive to get to the spot early. It was my first time fishing for bass so I put my faith in a jackell TN60. After a few casts I was on. It wasn't overly big but it felt huge :) Got it almost onto the bank and it spat the lure and swam off laughing :( Swearing at myself I had a few more casts and hooked another one but the same bloody thing happened. I was not a happy man :angry: Kept casting a few more times with no hits so decided to give it one more cast before changing locations and with my luke i managed to snag my TN60 :laugh:

Changed locations and fished for a good 3 hours with no hits. I decide to give it one last go and changed to a TT Switchblade in gold colour. Almost in minutes I had landed 4 bass none legal but I was stoked. All up a good trip :P


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