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Fishing at Portside @ 2130 hrs


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Ok, I did say I was going down at 1930 hours but had things to do and also had some more of Nadder's threadie that he caught on the weekend...it was yummy.

Anyway went to Portside tonight, thought I would catch the run-out and it was quite windy so not really desirable conditions for throwing lures around.

About 20 mins there, I was using one of those $4 HB from Big W (with modified trebles of course) and landed a 34 cm cod. Here is a pic of the Big W HB (Golden Blob) on the right with a Chubby on the left, similiar appearance.

The hit was quite agressive and the little bugger just wanted to hide but the 8lb leader I used held up but was 'roughed' up near the lure end.

Then a little after, I switched to my SP rod and threw out a 100mm Squidgy Wriggler and bam, taken by a bream (about 15cm).

Not long after another bream, this time, his little brother..

The SP is nearly the same length as this one, all I can is that they were hungry.

It was pretty fun tonight except the wind which was just a tad too strong for my liking, but hey, luring is too addictive.


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