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fishing charters


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well this might be a strange request as it does not fit in the normal sort of charters

at my work we have a social club and we do an assortment of stuff and alot of the blokes that like to get involved like to fish.

now we have been on 2 separate charters over the last 2 years and have had mixed results on the first trip (in winter i think it was) we headed out from the spit in 2 separate boats about 20 on each boat the 1 boat stayed in close and seemed to have the better day got a couple tuna and had some fun with some sharks none landed and a few random species on top of that.

the boat i was on went right out and well got very little i know i was fishing in a black hole.the 2nd one we went on we headed out from the north cost with the one good fish on one boat and a mixed bad on the 2nd the only thing that saved the day was the spanner crabs and booz.

now as i have more of an interest in this the the others i was asked to look into it to see if i could find an alternative. i think we were about $200 approximately a head on the other trips maybe a little more im not sure as the hr lady is a pain to get any info out of.

now the thing is i was thinking of trying to organize an assortment of smaller charted boats to cater for the same number of people say 5 on a boat approx 40ppl all up. On smaller boats its easier to manage change spots cater for the people and could keep in contact if one spot is doing allot better than another. also if on the day it is to rough out in the bay im sure there would be other fish to chase in another place rather than cancel as we hire a bus to drive and its just a pain in the @ss.

we are also planning a day trip of beach fishing to straddie as it could be more of a family day but thats another headache for another day tho i will prob seek advice on later).

the question is would there be enough boats leaving from one place south coast, brisbane or north coast to cater for this. even if we had to stick 10 - 20 on a large boat for those less keen to "rough it" on a smaller boat.

i think this idea will provide better fishing and flexibility, let me know what you think

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