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carp are on fire


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So.. with not much work during the middle and the day this week and weekend decided to make the most of it and have a couple of sessions down my local creek. Decided to try a spot which i havent fished for a while and is extremely skinny maybe only 2 to 3 m wide but can be a great spot at times and didnt disappoint me on these last two sessions. I used bread as bait and berleyed em up on the surface and got one around 40 to the fork before they shut down on the surface. then caught another 4 using a ball of bread under a foam float a couple around the 35cm to the fork and the others around 20 to 30cm. (Thursday)

Decided to go back and try again today this time in the morning not in the afternoon and try my luck again and threw some bread on the surface and nothing at all not even a look so decided to try with the bread under the float and was contemplating moving spots before one took off and quickly struck and set the hook and dragged a 44cm fork carp out from fallen trees, shopping trolleys, well pretty much anything thats usually thrown into a creek and this made me stay for a bit longer. A couple of my mates came down and we were getting a few bites but nothing much and i decided to take off the float so hopefully they wouldnt bite so tentitevely and i cast in and within 2 minutes i hooked a small 25cm carp and then persisted on for a while longer and got taken under and eventually broken off by another carp before i cast in another spot and it sat there for about two minutes before my float was being taken underneath a fallen tree and i quickly set the hook and muscled out a big carp :woohoo: before he then dived for the next fallen tree :( but with a locked drag and only 9lb line got him out of that too :) and then eventually netted a nice 52cm fork carp was a nice big fat carp probably between 2 and 3 kilos after this tried for a bit longer for nothing and decided to call it quits so 8 carp 2 sessions one spot not bad i reckon only problem is that i will have to wait till thursday to fish it again :( but am super happy with the outcome of the last 2 sessions

thanks for reading

Cheers Ross B)


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