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buckat list appreciation offer!


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well since i was lucky enough to win the lucky door prize and have chosen my dad, mick fillet and crabb man, i thought i would throw the other 2 spots at angus and jonny for their efforts of putting a great event together with late nights and early early mornings that impared judgement and resulted in a boot being left open and stuff scattered all over the road ;) :laugh: :laugh:

but being serious i think they deserve a hard earned treat!

so the offer is there for you 2 if you would like it B)

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I must warn you in advance though that work + uni for me is terrible at the moment leaving me with really only Sunday as a day off. This doesnt help as I think the charter is a weekday one.

In short, dont let it pend on me. Go when you can!

I plan on booking a Sunday Charter soon anyway :)


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