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Brag Mat / Enviro Mat - Which is best


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I have only recently joined AFO, this is my Virgin post so here goes. :silly:

After enquiring about the MBC, I decide to join on with AFO.

Unfortunatly I was unabble to attened on the W/end,

Sounds like all involved had a ball.

Book me in for next year.

My Question:- In regards to the Brag Mats / Enviro Mats

Is there any type that works better than others.

After the w/end comp there must be a heap of photos to show of.

Just interested to see if s certain type of mat is works best.

* Easy to see measurements in the photos

* Some have a nose board some dont ?? Is this easier to measure or make it to bulky to roll up..

* Easy to clean down, ect. ect.


Is there there an avenue to look into for a AFO - Brag Mat.

Sponsors who support the MBC - or other AFO events could feature on the mat & have their photos taken when ever a fish is placed on the mat. Just a thought. ;)

Or where can I get the best tpye from.??????

Any thoughts / suggestions taken on board.

Happy Fishing,


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Welcome the site FishOclock.

I like the NSW DPI brag mats which you can buy online here http://www.dpi.nsw.gov.au/fisheries/recreational/saltwater/catch-and-release/mat

They're more accurate than a lot of the ones in the tackle shops and cheap as chips if you buy a pack of 5. Having a nose board definitely helps with measuring the fish and it's not that bulky.

Here's a pic with a fish


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From memory - I believe competitors in the State of Origin last year got one of these mats for free.

At least I did, or maybe I just lifted it!!

Maybe you should come along this year and get one, great comp for getting to know everyone too.

Angus/Johnny could confirm what other freebies we might be getting, hint hint nudge nudge ;)

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Welcome on board Fishoclock :)

I've personally got the squidgies brag mat (or whatever they call them). The nose board does help speed up the process a little when trying to get an accurate measure.

And the 1 thing that I don't clean... is my brag mat. If anything, its just a rinse off in the water over the side of the boat, then rolled up and put to the side. I like building up character on my brag mat :)

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