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Rainy Saturday, Windy Sunday


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Headed out to Bulimba for some weekend fishing after a long week at work. Woke up a little earlier than I usually do on a weekend to catch the tide. Was met with some light rain as I stepped out the door, saw a break in the clouds and hoped for the best.

Arrived at Bulimba and proceeded to cast out, got some nice bites and a nice 32cm bream came up shortly after. Then the light rain started up again and I was hiding under a tree watching my rod bend as the fish were biting. Soon the rain + wind got to me and I decided to call it quits vowing for revenge on Sunday

Seeing today is revenge day, got up, packed up and left looking at the clear skies. Got to Bulimba only to be met with crazy winds. Decided to push on anyway considering the dismal effort on Saturday.

Had 2 rods set up, decided to use the bigger hook/bait for the lighter rod just for the fun of it. 30mins of braving the winds and my reel screamed zzzZZZzzZZZzz. Ran to the rod and striked. All was calm for a few seconds and was gutted thinking I missed the strike then the lovely headshakes were felt and FISH ON! nice fight on light gear and up came this lil godzilla.


A bite that almost pulled my rod into the river and 2 more breams around 28cm, the wind got to me and decided to pack up and head home.

All fishies released for another day.

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@sunnydays: I think you can fish anywhere along the river there, just try to be courteous and not block paths, Lots of children run around as well.

@Yotzaa: That was with some banana prawn tail as bait.

Was also wondering, I know a few spots where the fishes are around, but its out of the range of my HB cast. Anyone tried putting a HB on a running sinker rig to get distance?

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