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ANGFA Qld June Meeting and Field Day


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The next ANGFA QLD meeting is on this Friday 18 June, 8:00pm at the Bar Jai Community Hall (178 Alexandra Road Clayfield). The speakers are Justin Guest, who recently returned from Germany where he designed the aquarium systems for Germany’s largest hobby fish retailer, and Jodi-Lea Matheson of FishChick Aquatics.

The next field day is on 20 June. We are assisting the Redland City Council (RCC) with a public information day about native fish and plants and the local waterways. It will run from 9.00 am to 1.00 pm, at the ‘Redlands Indigiscapes Centre’, Runnymede Rd in Capalaba. Steve Baines will set up a display tank with both native and introduced fish. ANGFA will be there to educate the public about native fish and plants and why they shouldn’t release aquarium fish into the waterways.

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