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I'm not even going to let the rain stop me....


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Well my mate and I have just decided we're going to give some SP's and a few hardbodies we have spent our hard earned on a go tonight. Probably won't catch anything because the weather has taken a turn for the ugly, but ya never know... it will be my first session fishing with lures so I'll be very curious to see how I go... will post results soon...

Cheers and Beers!

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We went to currumbin creek....

The rain and wind made it fairly interesting

All in all pretty fun not a great deal of action but on the flipside caught a 41cm flatty and a 28cm bream on 3" mullet sps using just a 4lb mono no leader

Saw a fair bit of fish choppIng around switched to a 28g 4" metal slug abd was spinning for a while got plenty of big hits no hookups until something took it for a big run and ended up biting ne off

So all in all a good start... Will def be using more lures in the future probably with a decent leader haba

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