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My best fishing friend let me down...Bris River 19-04-24


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Thanks Mate, I have bought a few rods from Chris over the years.

My current snapper plastics rod blank he brought in for me from the states....I might get another blank the same for when i break this one...  helluva nice plastics rod even though it is entirely unconventional here to use this type of rod.

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7 hours ago, Huxstang said:

I’m intrigued…..what is the blank and why so different?

I have an Edge 704 spin for soft plastics which is pretty nice but also use a much softer tipped Shimano Tcurve Premium 732 which I also don’t mind.

My rod was the first prototype GatorTail graphite weave/fibreglass weave blend rod Snyder made...remarkably good rods for their time....long way surpassed now.

The advantage is the rod had the all out toughness of glass, the sensitivity of glass and 1/2 the weight of glass....with about double the bottom end power in the rod.

I used it for decades busting GT's and macks off the rocks, making tuna submit in the bay, a lot of snapper were tamed and a few barra were mastered with the rod.....originally built overhead...ten years ago it started sporting stradics as fishing techniques changed.

I am pretty sure that Snyders GT's were dropped from production when Wilsons Live Fibre hit the market.....always thought there was a connection there. Snyder continued either full glass or full carbon after that.

I still have maybe 8 snyders in the shed.

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