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Leaf Stains & Boat Cover Help


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Got a issue with leaf stains on my boat. Stupidly I've parked it under a tree the past two weeks and when I've gone to give it a good clean on the weekend found that the leaves had stained the fibreglass floor and I've been unable to remove them with elbow grease!

Any suggestions on the best way to remove the stains?

Also can anyone recommend a good custom cover manufacturer?


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cant help with the removal of the stains... know plenty of stuf that will get the stain off but might damage the gloss on the fibreglass!

i just use a tarp to cover my boat and its a 5600 half cab....takes about 10 minutes but u need 2 people to get the tarp on thats the only thing. u could do it urself but it would be a pain!

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