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strange arvo of fishing


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well bro rang me last night asking if i wanted to go for a fish this weekend ,well i was keen as .its been ages since i had a fish,last fishing was land based chasing bass back 2 months ago .

so waited for a call this morning to work out which day ,spent my time usefully getting rods ,canoe etc sorted and ready ,been so long sine i have used any of it .

well end up he is free today so we headed of at lunch time to boggy ,with low tide being 10 ish and high at 5 pm ish .not my favourite tide type to fish but still ok.

so there at 1 ish set up cast net for bait ,well we could not get any bait ramp side ,strange as we used to get heap of bait there .

so went over the other side where we saw the bait frying up and got enough live bait .used the electric motor and the canoe today ,it all worked very well which makes me happy .been a long time since i used the electric motor .

we did the usual, live bait out while drifting ,flicking plastics and hard bodies.,trolling plastics and hard body's.

the strange thing was not a fish was caught on live bait ,i did have a few baits bitten under the gills but no hook ups .

live bait was lip hooked ,back hooked ,weighted and no weight ,all the combo's tried with no result .

on hard bodies ,there a few underside bream on vibes caught ,nothing on minnows .

so the legal fish where caught on plastics today by my bro a 26 cm bream and 41 cm flathead ,caught on bigger squidgie wrigglers.

i use a paddle tail not sure what brand for a doughnut ,so a strange arvo fishing.

usually the live baits get heaps of fish and the soft plastics a few fish and the hard bodies no fish .

last trip to boggy my bro had a doughnut and i caught heaps so the tables where turned today ,but still a good afternoon out .

we headed home at 6 pm and we where not mobbed my mozziez at dark ,which is strange too as usually there are that many there they can carry you away .

i'm heading back out Monday with 2 of my daughters to hopefully get a few more fish for dinner and blood my camo stick ,i did notice today using it i was casting a lot further and more accurate .no trees this time .

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