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Chasing Barra in the NT


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Morning all.

I'm off to the NT again for work and hopefully I will get the chance to go chasing some barra in the Victoria River and it surrounding waterways. Having never fished for barra before, I am hoping the brains trust can point me in the right direction with regards to the gear I already own.

I have a couple of light setups, a Jarvis Walker rod/real 2-4kg light/medium action with a fishunter 350 reel, a Shimano 2-4kg rod with a Shimano 2500FB reel, a Jarvis Walker Royale rod 5-8kg and the matching reel RG2 3500, and lastly a Shimano Watchline 6-8kg rod with an AX 6000FA reel.

I have no idea if any of this gear is even suitable but any advice would be greatly appreciated. I was talking to one bloke at BCF in Darwin a while ago and he was saying that braid is better for chasing barra. Is this the case??

And lastly, can anyone recommend some good lures??



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Most of the barra I catch in and around Rockhampton are on 10lb pre-test PE line with either a 10 or 20lb flouro carbon leader on a Daiwa Sol 6-10lb rod and Daiwa Heartland 2000 reel.

Although, at certain times I go through near 100 dollars of lures a week...

I'd recomend some 30lb braid, 40lb leader and a collection of Squidgie slick rigs in varying sizes.

Slow roll these - constant, very slow retrieve.

And some hardbodies.

I usually use shallow divers as I fish some very shallow water.

I like Tropic Angler "Poddy" and some of the Rapala Xraps.

I twitch these. 2 or 3 hard jabs of the rod tip, then pause for up to five seconds, don't be afraid to let the lure float to the top and sit there for a bit, wind in the slack, repeat.

I have even caught barra dead sticking a floating hardbody.

Oh, and get some skitter pops. And some bubble pops.

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