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Yellow Waters Barra (girl Power) My Reputation

Joe Devereux

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Well its good news for the boys....................... but it wasn't looking good at the start. We left Katherine early Saturday morning with some mixed opinions on the time "the bloody sun isn't even up" we made a comfort break at the Mary river roadhouse and the old guy behind the counter was very cranky and it felt like we were putting him out I won't be stopping there again. Once we arrived at the caravan parkas Cooing at around 9 the manager made us wait till 10 to set up camp. So this meant it was time to do some research and the most common lures and colours were small green plastics. So when 10 o'clock rolled around we set up tents and caravans etc, and sorted out the kids and then it was lunch, when that was all sorted the boat finally got wet, and being the gentlemen that we are we let the girls have a go first, and it did not look good for the boys, the girls were catching Rat after Rat and Dropped some good ones, but nothing of any real size. at a guess they caught around 40 Barra, I was asked to take them home after a very close encounter with 2 crocs, the first one we managed to idle over the top of when we were trolling, and he made himself known to us he would have been around 3.5 m long, the other was sitting on the surface and just made a b line towards us it was not a very convenient time to get weed around the prop, all in all fun was had by all. So we returned to the caravan park and got ready for my wife birthday dinner and some beers. Waking Sunday morning the Dads were on mothers day duty and we quickly whipped up a "Gourmet" breakfast, packed up camp and put the boat in for a morning session and the barra had gone off the bite and our reputation was hanging by a thread, and I had almost conceded defeat, and then it was like a feeding frenzy we got around the same as the girls with Rat Barra after Rat Barra and then just before we decided to call it a day we got a few Saratoga 

Off to the roper this weekend chasing Barra








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