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Gold coast holiday


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hey pplz

accidentally won free accommodation at the Gold coast (5 star... does the extra star mean they have cleaning facilities =P) for me and the missus

It was my win so she owes me a bit of fishing time, I only own a 6ft 2kg spin rod and a 5ft 10kg baitcaster rig so im not to sure on how I can fish the beaches

and im new to the area so im not sure where to go. any ideas or if anyone local wants to lend me a beach rod for a couple of days ( I will give sureity or a deposit if needs be) I would be soooooo grateful for any help, kinda on a budget cause we passed up the free accommodation overseas to take a holiday 1.5hrs away from home :dry: would love to spend an evening on the beach soaking a pilly for a feed. been 2 years since i took time off work and bout 18 months since I had more than 30 mins to cast a line

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