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Warning for Trailcraft owners


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After returning from fishing on the weekend and pulling the bung on my boat (5600Sportscab) i noticed about 5 litres of water came from the hull.

This is not meant to happen and i had never had water come out the bung before. At this stage it is important to note that most trailcraft do not come with a bilge pump. :ohmy:

This could have only meant 2 things, crack somewhere in the hull or the "inspection opening" on the back pod which is exposed to the wash of waves.

This is the inspection opening


and on closer inspection of mine this is what i found


Not sure if all trailcrafts have this but just thought id post this up as it could potentially be a very dangerous failure to have when on the water and i consider my self lucky.

The port openings are a $15 item from bias boating so well worth changeing if it looks a bit dodgy. Over the years the sun gets to the plastic and it cracks.

I will be taking a plastic one to an engineer and seeing if they can fabricate me one out of ally.

Anyways just thought this may help come folk out.


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