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August 3rd-5th, 2011


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Hello All,

so for my birthday I have taken a week off work. Monday will be a booze fueled golf day, tuesday will be the recovery. That Leaves the rest of the week free :cheer:

Im hoping to use this vary rare spare time to do some much needed fishing.

Any thoughts as to what/where I should hit, or any one going to be free to head out then?

fresh or salt, im hoping to mix it up. So if anyone is heading out let me know.

Im hoping to have atleast 1 day either on somerset or Stanly river, so if anyone is keen to meet up for that yell out.

I may not have the boat at that stage, so Im more then happy to tag along.


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My B'day is the 4th of August

Doing the same a few days off and fishing for a few of them !!!

AFO Winter Camp is on Fri 5th of August til Sunday, a fair few AFO'ers have registered

I think you can still register but not 100% sure !

Gonna hit up Moogerah for some Bass and fish the salt too, not sure where though but taking Friday 5th Aug to Wed off work

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