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Top Anglers Switching To Takeda Fireblades!


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In recent weeks, we have become aware of at least 5 top anglers who are now fishing competitions with our Fireblade rods. Two of these anglers have been pasting messages on facebook recentlyabout them. Please note these anglers are NOT sponsored by Austackle and the comments have been freely submitted.

Christine Hunt

I've been testing out the Austackle Fireblade Takeda Rod and I am very impressed with it. An excellent 1-3 kg Bream rod that can also handle bigger fish. Tracey and I have one each and yesterday she stole mine to fish a comp with 2 onboard




Tracey Mammen - Currently Ranked Number 5 in ABT Bream Series (Non Boater)

Hey, i did ask first!!! lol And I'll be asking again this weekend for the Bribie ABT ;) They are a great rod! I'm so impressed I'm looking to upgrade all my general plastic and crank rods asap :)

I had a very prolonged fight with an Australian Salmon with the Fireblade on the weekend in Lake Mac. The rod was forgiving, yet didn't fold under pressure. I was only on 3 pound leader, but was able to fish confidently with a heavy drag setting. I was really impressed with how it handled the weight and runs the fish took. Shame it was a comp day and i didn't have time to keep fighting the fish and get a pic... It's quickly becoming one of my go-to rods for general use

I gave the fireblade a run with a crank bait and some 3pound mono today, It cast much better than the rods i have been using. Looking forward to using it in the comp on the weekend


TAKEDA Fireblade â„¢ rods are our premium grade Tournament standard rods developed in conjunction with several successful ABT anglers. The rods have been built on our brilliant new lightweight VHM40 (Very High Modulus) IM8 Carbon Pre-Peg blanks.

Premium quality Fuji New Concept guides are used throughout the range in addition to our Custom made CIGX (Custom Incremental Geared) wind down reel seats which help to prevent accidental over tightening. Finished in Electroplated Deep Red!

The 1-3kg & 3-6 kg rods are perfect for all soft plastic and hard bodied lure work for species such as Bream, Bass, Flathead & Whiting. The 6-10kg rods have been developed to handle tough fighting fish such as Barramundi, Mackerel, Mangrove Jack and Snapper.

Why pay a small fortune for a top quality Hard Bodies/ Plastics rod when you can get one of these for around $200! They also come with an extended 3 year " no questions asked" aacidental breakage warranty where you can get a new rod for just $50 if you happen to break it.

A very high quality rod for a very competitive price!



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So are you saying they have paid full RRP for these rods, what is the weight of a 1 to 3 kg rod I compared the camo and one in a shop the other day and it did look lighter than the camo

Cheers Tim


I doubt if any of the top ABT anglers pay full RRP for rods as most manufacturers and shops have special pricing for these people. We have also given AFO members access to the same pricing structure as part of our deal with the AFO site owners. Our Pro shops will give you the special pricing if you tell them you are a AFO member or show them your ABT card..

The Takeda Fireblade weighs around 100g and the Camo-Stik about 110grams according to our warehouse scales. The Fireblade has a high density EVA handle whereas the Camo-Stiks have cork handles. It therefore means that the actual difference in weight between the 2 blanks is greater than 10 grams.



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Is this the same report posted up a while back Mike?

Those pictures look familiar ;)

Different report but maybe a couple of quotes may have been repeated in error. Traceys comments i believe are all new as far as i know. I just copied them from facebook site which at times gets a bit confusing. Main point from where i sit is that some pretty good anglers seem to think the rods are very good. Apologies if there are some repeated quotes or pics.

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