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This week on the Goldy


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Hi guys, well another 7 inches of rain has seen the water turn a lovely shade of brown again.

Fishing and crabbing are still good though, not a great deal of surface action upriver though.

Did a bait fishing trip for whiting Tuesday, fished top of tide to get cleanest water, managed 20 odd Whiting for the 4 hours fishing.

Lots of bream and a few grunter as well, all fish caught on blood worms.

Put a few pots in yesterday and did a bit of trolling while we were waiting, my deckie for the trip was our register operator from work at BCF Labrador.

She gave me a flogging not going to embarrass myself by mentioning numbers, she is the only fisherman i know that owns 1 lure.

After yesterdays results i agree with her it is the only one she needs, got a feed of Muddies as well so a great afternoon.

Would be worth a live bait session in the Seaway for a big Jew or GT as well for those interested.

Might see some of you on Wavebreak tomorrow if i'm out, cheers wayne







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Wow youngy, some more quality whitting there and those muddies look very tasty. I always find I catch more muddies after a big wet, they are much easier to find because if you know the spots you fish you know where they'll be after rain. So is it true that she really only owns one lure? She has done really well!

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by the looks of the cross undernieth the muddies, they are gooing to be full. great variety of fish.

What does the cross indicate?

that they've been shagging (rubbing bottom against top). this is when they are usually bulked up.

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Prawnhead, the Maltese cross on the muddy is a sign that the crab has mated recently, it is caused from the rubbing of the females shell on the males chest plate.

The male will clasp on to the female from behind and has to wait for the female to loose its old shell and get a new soft shell before they can mate.

This may take up to a couple of days, this causes the rubbing and the mark on the chest, cheers wayne

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