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Fair Pine Bream Session 13/2/16


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Hello all

A report for my last fishing session targeting bream on bait.

I left home at 7.00am on the way to deep water bend chasing a 7.35am Low tide which from memory was going to be 0.5m. I got to deep water bend at 7.15am and walked out onto the boardwalk I cut some FRESH mullet fillets I bought the day before into strips 4cm x 1cm to try and get a bigger fish as I was testing the theory for myself "bigger bait = bigger fish". The rig I had choose to use was: 3lb braid main-line -> 9' 4lb fluoro leader, tied to main-line by Albright knot -> sz0 ball sinker -> free running gamakatsu sz2 octopus hook -> gamakatsu sz2 octopus hook, tied to leader by personally modified blood knot.

My first cast I had a quick tap, tap, tap go thru the rod then the rod pulled towards the water and as it got pulled I lifted the rod and had a fish on which didn't take long to land and it was a 20cm bream which got released of course I keep fishing and 10 minutes later I had another fish on which was a touch bigger 23cm which also got released. I got a lot of snags after the 23cm bream and decided to size-down my rig by only using 1 hook and cutting the mullet into cubes 2cm x 2cm. And after a bit of a wait I got hooked up again and this fish put up more of a fight and once the fish tired I had the problem how to land it so I used a bit of brain power and steered the fish around the boardwalk and lifted it up the rockwall as it was not as high as the boardwalk and I had landed a 27cm bream which I was happy about and it got its throat slit, head snapped back, then put on ice for eating purposes.

I keep fishing and fishing and found once the tide had left the slack stage and had started to run in hardish the fish go off the bite, but I keep persisting and managed another 2 bream both under-sized. So therefore I walked down to the cleaning tables and filleted my fish and left at 10.45am.    

So the summary 5 bream, 4 of them were just under-sized and 1 legal that was 27cm so in my view it was a fair session :) 

[the biggest bream of the morning, 27cm]



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Well done on a good session, you are definitely starting to report with more success!!

Eventually you won't find it necessary to wear a glove when you get a bit more confident handling them. 

If you hold them like this you aren't really wiping any slime off and it makes for a better photo as well because you see more of the fish instead of your hand, more importantly not showing a glove that is covering the fish in the photo. Not that it matters and I am not trying to be critical, but if you wanted to make your photos look a bit better that's how :) FB_IMG_1455345697614.jpg.e56890d905e92e0

Not that this is a bream, but it was the first photo I found to show what I am trying to explain. This isn't a great photo either but you get the point! :) 

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thanks for the tips a lot Sam :).

I'll try handling bream like you showed in your trev photo, thinking I am going get quite few hand punctures learning though from the dorsal-spines but the reward in the end is worth it: better photos and the fish will be released in far-better condition.

Thanks again for effort of explaining it and finding a photo.

By the way the photo looks great, better than mine :thumbsup: 

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49 minutes ago, samsteele115 said:

I haven't been spiked by a bream yet

When you eventually get spiked it doesn't tickle as a while back I tried to grab a bream in the mid 20cm's like a whiting to de-hook it (grab and hold it tight around the top of the body, palm on back) and lets say I won't be doing that again :no:.

But thanks a lot again for your advice :) 


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