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Baroon Pocket Closed For Swimming Ok Boating.


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Strongly advise checking seq water website before planning trips as conditions can change overnight.


From SEQ water website.

Lake Baroon temporarily closed to swimming and in water activities

Lake Baroon is temporarily closed to swimming and in water activities form Monday 15 February 2016 due to the detection of blue-green algae.

Lake Baroon currently remains open to on water activities such as paddling and boating.

Blue-green algae blooms generally occur in the warmer months due to increased water temperature, abundant nutrients and optimal light conditions.

Seqwater is closely monitoring algae levels and will re-open the lake when water quality results indicate it is appropriate to do so. 

For more information, download our fact sheet on blue-green algae at www.seqwater.com.au/about/publications/fact-sheets.


 Borumba,Dwyer and Claredon also still closed.




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