victoria Fishing At Mornington Pier

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    Hi guys,  I'm new to this game.  Have just started going down to Mornington Pier at night to do a bit of fishing.  The place is usually well lit, however last night everything was turned off.  Anyone know what the deal is with the lights?  Was it just a once off?  or do they have schedules on when the lights are turned on and off? 

    Was a bit disappointed after driving 1 hour from Melb.

    Any other piers near by that is well lit and good for beginners fishing?

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    If you drove from Melbourne you will have passed quite a few good land based piers, St Kilda, Brighton, Sandringham, Mordiallic. The Mornington Pier has been refurbished since I was there last and from all reports is great now. Have no idea why the lights would be off though. You can catch squid close the the base of the pier and if you have a surf rod, snapper to 6kg available if you put in the time on the bay side of the pier. 

    We use to fish at night for gar fish off the Frankston and Seaford piers as well.


    some other options to consider.



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