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Barramundi Shakes, Tinnie Ratz Trip

old mate

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For the last 4 years I have said this year is the year of catching my first Barra....

A few of us decided to head back up to the creek we hit late last year to have another crack at some new species. Jeremy and myself left Brisbane at midday hoping to get on the water just before last light and on the high tide, but due to a radiator hose splitting we where set back and hour (Thanks to Mazda Gympie for fixing that one so quick) also managed to get the last hose in Australia.

We managed to arrive just on dark and pack the boat and get out to camp and set up. ONTHECHEW and another two mates met us out the mouth the next morning after a quick morning session with no luck. We then managed to get the boats stuck for 4 hours on the sand which was a pretty restless time (never again). After a spear in some very mercy water we head out and hit the reefs for quite a few under size reefies. We held out heads kinda high and looked for tomorrow. 


Next morning Jeremy and i head up the creeks and Andrew and the others headed offshore to try there luck. The water was incredibly dirty and the boys offshore got a window of opportunity where the water cleared up and the Spanish came on. Something like 20 plastics and jig heads where lost and 3 Spanish where landed. Matt missed out on a solid GT. Andrew also landed a solid Queenie just going shy of the meter mark. 


SOOOO after 4 years and a few trips I finally got to tango. We waited for the outgoing tide to get the fish to come out of the mangroves where we could here them smashing bait behind. The water really started to smash out when finally some mullet got pushed out of a mangrove and i took a cheeky cast in there direction and two hops of the Jackall Transom and i was onto my first ever Barramundi. And what a fish they are, with 3 screaming runs i could feel it tossing and turning under the water and dislodged one of the trebles. Lucky for me it didn't and Jeremy landed my first ever barra going 86cm in the net. I couldn't believe it but i had the shakes which i have never had before with any fish. We didn't manage to catch many other fish which we suspect was from the clarity of the water however that is fishing. 


We ended up heading home Saturday afternoon as wind was due to pick up and the billions of midges were getting a little tiring. 

Planning the next trip for when the midges are a little less thick. 

Sorry that took so long. cheers Chris.

P.S Queenie pic to come. 

p.ss. sorry to Jeremy for getting sea sick.

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Great to see the hard yards paying off big time.  A fish to be proud of.

First time a fish has made you shake, why do you fish then?:lol:

Hope you get over the sea sickness thing. Open up more opportunities and lot more enjoyment from the day. I don't know if you just get use to it the more offshore trips you do, that's what happened for me luckily.


good photos

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Yeah @Luvit I am sure I have had the shakes with other fish but this fish got me going real good haha.

I have some new sea sickness tablets to try, but I think that day i was out with you was the worst it has ever been. Misjudged everything that day. And kwells send shivers down my spine happens everytime. 

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