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Ok Session On The Pine - 28.5.16


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Hello All!

A report for my last fishing session - this time on the pine river targeting bream on bait.

I left home at 12.30pm on the way to the pine river at deep water bend (DWB). I Got to DWB at about 12.45ish and got out the car and walked out onto the boardwalk. There was a fair sized crowd on it about 6 odd other fishers.

High tide was going to be at 2.04pm and it was only a small 1.7m, there was a gusty WSW wind which was enough to chop up the water surface, and the water clour was clear. The rig of choice was 8lb fluoro line -> sz0 ball sinker -> mustad big red sz2 hook baited with a mullet cube.

My first cast I flicked my bait 3m out from the boardwalk and felt the tell tale bream bite... tap, tap, tap, pull - I lifted the rod in a firm upward motion on the pull to set the hook, reason I delayed my strike was to let the fish completely take the bait so I can nearly be sure it won't drop the hook (for those how don't know why or are newcomers to fishing), once hooked up the fish took a long screaming run out into the open (strangely) and after a bit of a fight I lifted the fish up onto the platform, got a couple photos taken and gave it to enough fisher because he asked if he could have it and it was 25.5cm so legal-size.

I keep fishing using the same technique and pulled another bream out this time a bit smaller in the early 20's yet perfectly hooked the corner of the jaw. As the tide turned and started to go out the fish went completely off the bite but I persisted for nothing till 3.30pm and then left.

A note I must make since this is a report would be there is HEAPS of herring around DWB of late in plaque proportions, and I also saw a couple medium sized prawns flicking on the surface.

All up I got a 25cm bream and a early-20's bream so it was ok but not poor.

Thanks for reading yet another dribble!

(Best bream of the session - 25cm; note the paper is for a online comp)


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Thanks for the detailed report. You should invest in a cast net. Bream love herring and so do lots of other fish. They are a great live bait, but don't live long. Bream seem to hit the livies in the head first so put the hook through the nose rather than the back.

They are a good dead bait as well and they freeze well too, especially if you salt them down before packing them into the freezer. If they are thick like that, you would get enough bait from a single cast to last you for weeks.  Just a thought. 

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19 hours ago, samsteele115 said:

especially for DWB man, its 9-11m deep there so dropping a bait jig down would be more effective than cast netting I would imagine.

Good that you got a couple of fish

Thanks Sam

Yeah I guess a bait-jig would be more effective in that depth - I don't even think the rope on a castnet would be enough to reach that depth.

But ill get a castnet when possible to cover all my bait catching areas i.e. jig in the deep, net in the shallows :) 

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