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Some More Noosa Giants


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Headed out again, this time with Justin for some more reef brutes.

Livies were the name of the game again.

The cod are so thick at the moment you have to move around till you get past them for the trout.

Little gomoku jigging rod loves this.



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19 minutes ago, Angus said:

Awesome guys. Spoiled up there!

Spoiled is right. You know things are pretty good when you are deliberately trying not to catch cod.  Coral trout and cod - 2 of the best eating fish in the sea. Nice work fellas. 

Speaking of spoiled. This morning I went for a last swim before Winter at Burleigh today. Absolutely no surf, but the water was still warm(ish) and crystal clear. Some fine looking whiting and bream swimming around my feet so might have to get the surf gear out again.

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