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Out Of The Holster

Luke Landrunner

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Braved the cold and tested out the new rod at Woods bay Noosa.Started off throwing around a sugarpen and had lots of nudges until I pinned a 35 cm silver/giant trevaly , no photo.continued on until a smaller hookup. Switched to a Sammy and caught what I think is a Tea Leaf Trevaly.

image.pngAfter a quick appointment and a visit to Davos to pick up the new reel to go with the Gunslinger I threw around the ZX and hooked up four bream giving the light gear a little test. 

Returned today hoping for a repeat of yesterday's action. While there was less bust ups and hits on the lures, I managed three GTs and nice fat bream.

Cheers image.pngimage.pngimage.png

Any ID on the below trevaly?


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