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NPD Tagging Weekend Day 1


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Got to the dam a little after opening time, to find about half the fleet launched.

So we strolled around said g'day to those we new and picked up our tags and sheets.

Launched and we were sitting about 30 foot from the ramp on the spot lock waiting for the go ahead to head off. I looked down at the sounder and my eyes bulged.

Sitting in about 4m of water, and it was just fish from top to bottom of the water column.

Told Ferg, we aren't going anywhere, get a hook on ya line!

So while every one else took off to all parts of the dam, we sat 30 foot from the end of the ramp and caught and tagged 55 bass by 9am.

Since we were then out of tags, we went for wander to have a look at the dam. Chucked some lures, did some trolling, pretty tough going for lures.

So about 1pm we mossied over to another spot we had found bass before to use up the last of our shrimp.

Fish were a bit bigger and angrier there, so it was getting to be pretty hard work by the time we were out of bait. Last shrimp, Ferg pulls in the biggest fish of the day, right on 50cm.

Big smirk on his dial, so I pulled out the trusty black G Vibe.

Ferg had been chucking lures all day for 1 fish, so he was pretty confident I was going to be out of luck, but nope, the power of the G Vibe prevailed, immediate hook up on a nice 40cm bass!

While Ferg was trying to maintain his smirk, I told him next drop of the G Vibe was going to be the biggest fish of the day.

Guess what! dropped it over, drag going, rod bent in half, Ferg looking very worried!

Sure enough I boated the biggest fish of the day. 58cm to the Tip!


We just wont mention it was a forkie.......


Anyway a few photo's.


ferg 50 - mat.jpg






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