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Tailor & Bream Going Off!


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Well due to a conference presentation this afternoon, fishing was originally off the table. However when @Do$tylz messaged me and suggested a cheeky 2 hours after dawn session I could not resist. I am also thoroughly glad I did not resist!

As soon as we got to the spot there were showers of bait fish indicating some serious predator action. First few casts and we knew it was tailor. Among the tailor were plenty of big bream (biggest for the day 36cm) and one snapper (44cm).

Tally for the morning:

9 tailor with several bite offs.

10+ bream (at least).

1 snapper.

Some other randoms pike, moses etc.

VERY happy with that for a short session.

2016-06-18 11.20.55.jpg2016-06-18 11.20.00.jpg2016-06-18 11.18.31.jpg2016-06-18 11.17.32.jpg

Above was the biggest at just over 50cm.

2016-06-18 11.14.56.jpg2016-06-18 11.14.16.jpg2016-06-18 11.12.42.jpg

Now to coffee up and head to presentation! 

This was the weather as we left the ramp... It was literally hard to leave haha.


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1 hour ago, Angus said:

Awwww bugger!

@Do$tylz we would have had entries!

I love the way you guys subtly used the eye of the fish as your circle. Really clever. 

I fished the same area this morning but was probably a bit later than you. I think I was there around 8, so must have missed the real action. No bait sprays when I was there. Nice session you had.

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9 hours ago, jon said:

Nice session lads. Nothing beats short and productive river sesh . 

Yeah does not stack up to yours mate but it is a good lesson in making anything fun. Take the gear right down and all the fish pictured were a challenge.


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