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Northern Tour

Luke Landrunner

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Like a few of the members, me and my better half are heading northward for fishing,camping, fishing, bushwalking and hopefully fishing.

Unlike most, I won't be towing a boat with a 4WD.

Stops on the way up are Agnes Water, Great Keppel and South Molle islands.

Also Cania Gorge and Eungella NP for hikes. ( no time for the fresh at Cania)

Firstly, kindly asking for land based tips on the way up and then two other stop overs on the way south to home (Noosa shire)

Taking my 1000,2500,4000 reels and matched rods plus 10"6 surf rod, Plastics and surface lures.

Thanks all, Luke


(Sorry for the repost, realised I put it under lures.....)
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When at agnes i would do the rock hop around 1770 headland. There are some serious pelagics and reefies around there so id be using your heaviest set up chucking plastics and stickbaits if there are any birds working and maybe a light rod for some smaller reefies in closer. 

I didn't have the chance to fish keppel last trip but would imagine it would be similar to south Molle. In which case id be throwing sub surface walkers on heavier gear over the reef flats especially where there is bait being pushed up to the shore. If the bait is there stay with it as the fish often to spontaneous attacks every few minutes or even longer apart but they will be back eventually. This will include reefies, trevally and lots of other cool tropical species. Id suggest running no lighter than 60lb to stand a chance on even a undersize coral trout in these areas. 

If you get a chance to fish eungella area in the areas allowed there is some spectacular country about and some of my favourite areas. Use your lighter gear with light leader as the water is crystal clear. Focus on pool near rapids with natural larger lures representative of frogs, mice and large insects. Generally if you haven't had any action in a few casts you should move on as they spook easily in accessible ponds in such clear water. I have caught tarpon, small jacks, jungle perch and sooties in these areas.

Best of luck and look forward to some success stories when you return.

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