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A Couple Of Jack's Caught At Coolum


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Hey all,

Just a quick fishing report and a brag of my catch last weekend.

Me and the missus and kids went up to Coolum for the weekend to catch up with my family that were staying there for a holiday.

My brother and I were keen to go for a fish somewhere so we got on Google maps and found a spot to test out. We got there for Sunrise Saturday morning and it was blowing a gale, no luck at the first spot so we travelled upstream a bit and found a sheltered spot. I was flicking some 2.5 inch zman grubs under the bridge and was getting a few hits and then finally one stuck and I was on. After a little fight I got it to the surface and was stocked to see a baby mangrove jack. We also got a couple of small estuary cod, happy with our success we went home.

We decided to give it a crack again the next day. We got there again just before sunrise and we went straight to the spot that produced the day before. Started having a flick with the grubs and within thirty minutes I was hit hard! This fish took out some line and gave me a real challenge navigating the rock wall and pilons but once the fish was tired and came to surface I was even more stoked as it revealed another mangrove jack! this time a legal size one! My brother finished off the morning with a good Whiting and then we called it a day.

I have only caught one mangrove jack in my lifetime and that was over 5 years ago now, even though these two Jack's weren't as big as the one I got back in the day, I was still very happy with landing these 2 beautiful, toothy fish.

The grainy photo at the bottom is my claim to fame fish I caught more than five years ago.


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12 hours ago, Gerty said:

Thanks Angus. I knew that old pic would bring back some memories for the OG members of this site, back when it was Brisbane fishing online!


For those that don't know that jack is a legit teneriffe sx40 munching red dog. Awesome Brisbane river catch. @helibase will love it.


Gerty jacks are fish of the month just so you know and get more.

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