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Floodwater Flathead Causeway Lake


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I've  been really slack with my reporting of late partially due to not having many other people in the area but I guess if I don't then i probably won't attract any other members. 

Any how with the mine I work at closed due to the weather I thought I would take the opportunity to wet a line as growing up in nq floodwaters always meant fish and crabs so I grabbed a rod some hard bodies and sp and headed down to the causeway lake in Yeppoon when the highway re opened.  You can see how the water was flowing in the video above. Plan was to hopefully find some Barra looking for a feed. I started out with my favourite plastic casts in I was snagged and decided To give a late vibe a go I got it in a lure pack when I bought a sienna combo. Fishing around the corner from the spillway where the water settled I managed to pull this guy out of knee deep water. Not bad for a spur of the moment trip. Hopefully headed back tomorrow when the incoming use is pushing back on the flood waters. Hopefully tomorrow find some Barra 

Oh and I managed to land a treble in my thumb one in the flat head thrashing about and the other in my thumb wasn't pleasant 








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