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C-map Charts


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HI Guys, 


I have a lowrance HDS Gen 2 touch sounder in my boat and have been looking at chart options,  I see my unit is compatible with C-maps Max - N+ 

just looking to see if anyone is using this and feedback on it? looks like they have some pretty cool features over the usual Navionics gold cards. 

Also did anyone purchase the charts online and install rather then buy a card from a supplier?



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bit the bullet and purchased the C-maps N+ chart for my sounder , did the install last night and very impressed with the features , also was cheaper then a Navionics gold card as well,  you can buy the chart and download to a sd card from gofreemarine.com

heres the link if you want to check it out. http://lightmarine.c-map.com/marine-navigation/chart-plotters/c-map-max-n

hopefully the wind is down this weekend so can check it out on the water 



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