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Off The Cape


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A quick report as work is busy. 

Headed out from Bribie on Monday and played around the cape and landed a couple of 60cm+ legal kingfish on micro jigs which I released thinking I would up size. Too greedy didn't land another one. Anchored up for the night and put some tunes on and cooked my self some bacon & egg roll for dinner. Being ANZAC day the next day I pump up the volume on Red Gum's "I was only 19":worship:

The morning arrived and before sun up I caught another Kingfish over 60cm that I kept. Moved out wider to check out the sounder, but still need to adjust the transducer position not happy with it yet. Caught a variety of wrasse and a mosses perch nothing of substance. Went wider in search of pearl perch and caught 5 but all under size. Picked up a legal green job fish but the Esky was still fairly bare.

As I traveled home I found some marks and first cast with a SP i hooked a nice Kingfish again, this one went 70+cm and welcomed. 

sorry about the pic quality, being by myself not many pics.



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14 hours ago, kmcrosby78 said:

Nice one Wayne, the better kingie looks solid enough. Nice thick moses too - yum! So the boats easy enough to manage (launch/retrieve) by yourself?

Kingfish are a lot of fun and suit the lure fishing I do. Easy to launch if no else is around, the bigger boat is not as responsive in tight areas and catches the wind. It's a little harder ATM trying to get my leg over the bow rail because of a injury when playing tennis. 

While I'm trying to sort the electronics out and get use to the boat I'm happy to go by myself. It actual fact I am a little angry at the world ATM so I wanted some time alone away from everything.

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4 hours ago, Luke Landrunner said:

Nice solo mission Wayne. 

When it all aligns, I'd love join you targeting Kings on micro jigs. 

The charter I did out of Coffin Bay has given me the bug and I'm itching to get out there and use the gear I've been collecting......

One day the stars will align as you put it. In between when I can fish and your holidays we should strike a day soon.

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