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Newbie To Bayside - Moreton Bay


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Hi all,

is anyone willing to introduce me to Moreton Bay fishing spots? 

Ive just bought my first boat and would like some advice to get going, fishing and crabbing around the bay. 


Im based in Wynnum and have bought a cruise craft now rider. 


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Nice rig man. Bow riders are. 

I am no expert at targeting some of the bigger stuff in the bay but could possibly show you some bread and butter stuff.

Does the boat have an electric? (Does not look like it but thought I would ask).

An electric is by no means a must but I love doing slow drifts across the reef at Wellington Point and sometime largely due to boat traffic it is just easier with one.



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Wow, nice first boat.

If you haven't got a depth sounder/GPS you will need to very careful around the southern end of the bay. Hitting anything at speed whether a sand bank or at worse some very rough reef around peel and goat islands will not be good. It can happen very quickly if you don't know the area.

You can get a book called beacon to beacon from BCF or similar to start out but a GPS/Sounder is the best way to go. 

Good luck

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Hey mate. Welcome to the site.


happy to show you some spots out around mud or peel island for snapper, grassy sweetlip and various other reef fish. Nothing in the bay is guaranteed unfortunately but can usually put together a bit of a feed. Also know some good spots for sand crabs out there.

If you're feeling more adventurous there's plenty of good spots out around cape moreton too. 

I can be free most weekends if needed.



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