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Am I Missing Something Here


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Ok, I`ve managed to get through the highlights of the week, with out cringing, eg: Chinese commo`s hiding in our Political partys bank accounts (who would have guessed) and in at least one cupboard (mmmm). After X amount of years of hearing the mad Abbott`s NO, NO ,NO, No`s, and vocally leading the No campaign for others to vote NO for his belief/ideology, he abstained from a simple Yes or No vote…..

but now I will rant…..:P

quote{"There could be needless deaths, deaths that could be prevented," }


Ah hello, personal choice is obviously the sole factor in those numpties (who over estimate their abilities) placing themselves in a potential ‘life or death’ situation.

quote{Where once her expertise and others was called upon in more complex rescues at the nearby popular Mount Arapiles, they are no longer being utilised with the departure of many dissatisfied climbers from the Arapiles Rescue Group (ARG).}

May be the “many dissatisfied climbers” (and/or their families) had enough of risking their own lives for the Terminally Stupid.

My reply to them would be: be grateful for the fact that, through a commitment of duty to the community, some do feel the need to rescue you.

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