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I Hate It When I Get Wind

Drop Bear

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So If you are an angler and are not in hospital like the stupid bear I am (foot injury looking good) you need to go fishing tomorrow!

The forecast on met eye is amazing!


But after seeing forecasts change on may different sites and apps I wanted to find out what you all use, why you use that one and what you think is the best?

I have found MetEye to be accurate but it is a bit clunky on the phone and sometimes I just want an over view. I use Willy Weather for this but find it very hit and miss.

Considering  I mostly want Point lookout or Moreton Bay. What should I use for a quick check?

Thanks Drop Bear

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I normally use BOM for npd find it a bit more reliable and accurate than willy. Only unless the location you are checking is right on the weather station they are all a guesstimate.

NPD ( Whiteside) is based on readings from Redcliffe so if the wind looks a bit average I also check Beerburrum, and Amberley and then make a decision.





Met eye


Whiteside ( NPD)








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