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Dropping Pots And More Whiting...


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Headed into the creek today to drop some crab pots in and rustle up some bream. Pots down and a few bream later it was time to head back...


Back down the beach for one more dig at the Whiting for dinner (there are 9 people). Not a bad little crack and a good feast coming.

Hopefully we can replicate tomorrow plus some crab :)


Then little time with the boy before beer o'clock. 


3 reports in one day... Not bad :)


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56 minutes ago, Drop Bear said:

Nice one mate. Al looks like he is a beach bum already. Have you put pots in there before? Is it as fresh as it looks?

It looks fresh but mangroves everywhere and we have not paddled it once without seeing muddies walking along the bottom.

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5 hours ago, Drop Bear said:

Um... not related but thought you would be interested.


Seems your property value doubled last night. 

Hopefully it will fix the pub and get a stack of restaurants going in the area too. 

About time :lol:

We should apply for the healthy active grant at the bottom of that article. For fishing club.

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