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Bit Wet And Windy But Who Cares NPD 7/3/18


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I went to NPD this morning mainly to check my pots as the dam has risen a bit since last visit.

There were a couple where the floats were just below the surface as the pots were tangledin the weed and were unable to rise and I moved them all into shallower water in anticipation of the water level rising again.

Of course I had to have a fish.

Some great shows on the sounder but they were all forkies until I made my way well down the dam where I found a mixed school of forkies and bass on top of a shallow rise.

The fishing was a bit hard as the i pilot was working its ring out with the wind and i had to watch the line to detect a bite and that was a bit difficult with the heavy showers that were passing through all morning.

By 10 oclock I had had enough as I was soaked through and the rain was showing no sign of abating

Final score was 47 bass and probably a lot more forkies..

npd.7.3.18 001 (640x480).jpg

npd.7.3.18 002 (640x480).jpg

npd.7.3.18 003 (640x480).jpg

npd.7.3.18 006 (640x480).jpg

npd.7.3.18 007 (640x480).jpg

npd.7.3.18 008 (640x480).jpg

npd.7.3.18 009 (640x480).jpg

npd.7.3.18 010 (640x480).jpg

npd.7.3.18 011 (640x480).jpg

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