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Cancelled Due To Me Being Too Soft - Lamb Island Crabbing And Prawning Adventure

Drop Bear

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Planning to head to Lamb island on Thursday morning for a bit of fun. Going do drop some pots off on the way and throw a net or two for some prawns.

Plan is to head off early from Redland Bay Ramp. Time TBA but probably 6.30ish? Then drop some crab pots in and head to the bbq at Karragarra for Bacon and Egg burgers.

We nearly bagged out last time. I think my boat Quampie is full but if you have a boat or can borrow one feel free to tag along. I can give you more specific times soon.


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Um... I'm not going fishing if bloody Linda is here.

She is always carrying on like a pork chop. She grabs my net as I am about to cast it. She deliberately rocks the boat when I am trying to stand up. She moves the boat away from where I just saw some prawns on the sounder. She is cold. She is relentless and pisses all over the place. 

Cyclones and water don't do it for me. 

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