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Oyster Maps And Site Visit

Drop Bear

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Here are some interesting historical oyster lease maps near Wynnum. We will be using them at the meeting on Friday to show areas that used to have heaps of oysters but have none now. 


I really want to catch snapper with my grand kids from the waterfront at wynnum... or perhaps they can with their grand kids :)Here are some photos of oysters and mostly mussels trying to grow. They are really struggling... This was on Green island and hopefully where we can put some back :)


And these are in Wynnum. Very close to home. The silt makes it impossible for them to grow in the normal areas and they are only able to cling to life in the high end of the intertidal areas. 



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Plan A is to look at putting oyster reefs in amongst the oysters in the shallows and extend this existing oyster reef. It would be a very easy way to get a project going. Perhaps we could extend this to become a massive reef area or perhaps improve it and create other good reefs... or both :)

I'm really excited about the meeting today. :)


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