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Total Scan Transducer Fixed


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After a miss alined boat retrieval at 1770 earlier this month I ripped off the Total Scan Transducer on a roller. 

Today I replaced it,  while it read excellent at low speed it was not so good at high speed. (I have the Furuno for high speed anyway). 

While I was going to the trouble of installing a new one I made a nylon block to mount it on, dropping it another 20mm. Hopefully this will give clean water at speed. Won’t know if it’s a success till I head out next. 




I have done the latest software update for the HDS Gen 3 which gives it more clarity and the downscan shows the fish in different colour so they can be easily distinguished from the bottom or structure. Here’s a shot from the simulator to show the feature ‘fishreveal’ 


Itching to get out again. 


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