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electronic packages - thoughts


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Just wondering what combo sounder/gps brands people are running in their boats. 

I have always been a Lowrance supporter for the last at least 20yrs, find them very simple to use and the price seems to fit the bill.

Been looking at Garmin, Simrad & Furuno Aswell as the Lowrance packages for the new boat and it's not hard to be spending 10-12K on package . 

At this point a Lowrance HDS16 is my 1st choice, but happy to hear what others are running.

Also, who prefers the C-map or Navionics in their GPS? 





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25 minutes ago, mangajack said:

I wonder about the prices being so expensive now how much is the warranty factor in the price.....

I don't wonder much about that scenario. Tax and profit margins have always been targeted towards things that people would like to do. 

The big companies don't exist for the greater good of the humble consumer.

Profit and tax revenue. That's it. There's no moral obligation.

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26 minutes ago, Cobiaaddict said:

@Huxstang, i agree with you,

You can spend endless money on the Unit but the transducer is definetley the most important

Most of my fishing is  quite shallow up to 30m and almost all moreton bay, 

Yes I will be mainly bay and northern rivers.  If the weather is good might pop out the front.  I have gone overkill GT56 for the HD sidescan and a GT51 for a bit more depth.  51 was the right price otherwise could have gone with a Gt15 for traditional CHIRP.

Ohh and the electric has a GT56 on it from factory…definitely overkill.  I will have a GPSMAP1253xsv and 953xsv on the console and something else upfront for the LVS34.  Bride told me to set up new boat exactly how I wanted from scratch.  

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