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outboard motor care tips for the boater like me who liked to fix his own outboard motors say older 2 stroke evinrudes and related outboards

old.salty mick 1983

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hello my fisho friends here was a tip for outboard motor care say on older Evinrude's say te  older model 40hp outboards same tips applies to the same year Johnsons in the 40hp outboards made later on atfer say 1995 and later versions here is my tip on caring for a well used and cared for outboard 

as i service my outboard i take note of the parts needed Replacing thiswas my good tips on doing a service on these later model outboards 

1st tip was when replacing a set of spark plugs make sure you have the correct champion plugs for that model outboard as you replace the old plugs make sure you install them the right ways say same way in all 2and 3and 4cyls in the powerhead thiswas i mentioned was all model outboards thats was 4hp to say 140hp model outboards as i was a ex marine mechanic as i worked on these outboards in my time in the shop at Arizona outboards this was a outboard repair shop on the NSW central coast as i was a learning mechanic and was getting a feel for the outboard trade thats how i learnt on these outboards that was made by OMC at the time as there was other tips i had learnt from the trade say was really care for your motor well and dont ever skip the servicing better have a well serviced outboard on your boat in my case i have a good knowledge on outboard motor care as i knew thiswas really my good knowledge was getting there in my learning on outboard motors being a disabled boater i have to really service my outboards myself so id save money and learn on the job in all facet of outboard motor care as you knew thiswas what i knew are really good outboard motor care tips as well too was wach your outboard atfer use and importanly was really give your outboard a really good flushing out with fresh water atfer use as needed say when you flush the outboard in the case of older premix outboards disconnect the fuel lines and let the outboard run to cuts out this was get rid of excess fuel in the carbies thiswas really have a need to avoid the carbies gumming up in a bad way and causing other outboard ssues say hard starting and elated outboard Issues as i rather really do run my premix outboard dry atfer a every outing thisws only relates to premix outboards made earlier then 1998 and earlier and outboards made in the 1970s and 1980s these was those older premix outboard in the said sizes from 4hp right up to say the 140hp models from the 2cyls right up to the V4 models these was as well applies to the later V6 model made in 1976 and  in the first year of the V6s was in 1975 was first year the Johnson and Evinrude outboards was being made so these tip do apply to these as well too was first few years when the V6 OMC outboards was being made so these service tips really apply to these outboards as well too as i knew thiswas first of the premix V6 s was those made in the year 1975 and latr model versions thiswas really my knowledge on these outboards was based on my Clymer shop book and my knowledge i had gained over the years on these outboards as a mechanic in the shops i worked in the outboard shop before i had this job in my last year n school at the time thiswas my outboard knowhow was built up over the years from book on boating and the likes hope you learn from me as im the old salty mick walker     

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I always carry a spare set of plugs on the boat - this way you have a set in an emergency and will always have a reference set for purchasing spares.

Agree with the plugs and making sure you know the order and cylinder. I also do my own maintenance so I've permanently labelled and color coded plugs and cylinders, so that i never make that mistake.

I'm glad I don't have to deal with Carbies. Fuel injection makes outboard are lot easier to manage.


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