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v16 haines hunter boats are they really good boat as im getting my 1st one in future thiswas really be my 1st ever haines hunter boat this was the v16 runabout

old.salty mick 1983

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greetings my fishing friends as you are aware im going to looking at the Haines hunter V16 runabout boat in future as thiswas really be my 1st ever Haines Hunter boat as you knew thiswas really be my first ever Haines Hunter boat in Future As im getting closer to the day i finally gotten one as you are really gotten tobe really be happy for me togett his boat in future as far i knew im gotten toredo the entire boat in future as thiswas a new outboard on the back as well the transom gets redone as i fully restore this boat back to as new order as im gonna get this boat fully restored over time as thiswas my first ever winter boat project as i knew thiswas really the case as i restore this Haines Hunter boat as thiswas my 1st ever Haines Hunter boat in my life now as you see thiswas really my 1st ever Haines Hunter boat thiswas really my 1st ever 16ft boat and im going to get this was when i move into my new home first and later on get this nicer Haines hunter boat as i knew thiswas not gonna be rushed now in future in my hope was get this boat in a safe timing in future but was looking forwards to the boat being restored as my winter project as i use the winter months to fix ad restore the boat in future as i use thisw as a off season for boating as thiswas my safe time torestore the boat and have it ready for the new boatin seasons in future thiswas my goals my friends

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